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Terms of Service

Upon submitting your order to Web Trade Pro you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in warnings being given and possibly the removal of your hosting account.

Account Setup

All accounts will be activated once payment is received. It is your responsibility to provide us with an email address which is not @ the domain(s) you are signing up under. If there is ever an abuse issue or we need to contact you, the primary email address on file will be used for this purpose. It is your responsibility to ensure the email address on file is current or up to date at all times. Providing false contact information of any kind may result in the termination of your account.


Where requested we will make every effort to help you move your site to us, however we cannot make guarantees that the transfer process will go smoothly. We provide this service free of charge and cannot make any guarantees regarding its availability or the amount of time it may take as each host is configured a little differently. We will try our best, however in some cases we may be unable to assist you in a transfer of data from an old host.


All services provided by Web Trade Pro may only be used for lawful purposes. Any sites found to be hosting unlawful material will be suspended. From suspension you will then have 30 days to change your content before your account is deleted.

Use of our services to infringe upon any copyright or trademark is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs, or any other copyrighted work. The offer or sale of any counterfeit merchandise of a trademark holder will result in the immediate termination of your account.

Examples of unacceptable material include:
IRC Bots, Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers, Pirated Software / Warez, image, filedump, or banner-ad services (similar to Rapidshare, Photobucket, or commercial banner ad rotation), topsites, commercial audio streaming (more than one or two streams), locally hosted chat scripts, Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs(HYIP) or related sites, Investment sites (FOREX, egold exchange), sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s), AutoSurf sites, Bank Debentures, Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Prime Banks Programs, lottery sites, muds / rpg's, hate sites, hacker focused sites/archives/programs, or sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Brute Force Programs, Mail Bombers and Spam Scripts.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without notice.

Failure to respond to email from our abuse department within 48 hours may result in the suspension or termination of your services. All abuse issues must be dealt with via trouble ticket/email and will have a response within 48 hours.

If in doubt regarding the acceptability of your site or service, please contact us at support@webtradepro.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Potential harm to minors is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography or content perceived to be child pornography (Lolita).

Any site found to host child pornography or linking to child pornography will be suspended immediately without notice.

Direct customers: Your services will be terminated with or without notice.

Violations will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

It is your responsibility to ensure that scripts/programs installed under your account are secure and permissions of directories are set properly, regardless of installation method. Please set permissions on most directories to 755 or as restrictive as possible. Users are ultimately responsible for all actions taken under their account. This includes the compromise of credentials such as username and password. It is required that you use a secure password. If a weak password is used, your account may be suspended until you agree to use a more secure password.

Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. "Safe lists" and "double opt-in" will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.

Sites advertised via SPAM (Spamvertised) may not be hosted on our servers. This provision includes, but is not limited to SPAM sent via fax, email, instant messaging, or usenet/newsgroups. No organization or entity listed in the ROKSO may be hosted on our servers. Any account which results in our IP space being blacklisted will be immediately suspended and/or terminated.

Web Trade Pro reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, account, database, or other component that does not comply with its established policies, or to make any such modifications in an emergency at its sole discretion.

Payment Information

You agree to supply appropriate payment for the services received from Web Trade Pro, in advance of the time period during which such services are provided. You agree that until and unless you notify Web Trade Pro of your desire to cancel any or all services received, those services will be billed on a recurring basis.

As a client of Web Trade Pro, it is your responsibility to ensure that your payment information is up to date, and that all invoices are paid on time. Web Trade Pro provides a 10 day grace period from the time the invoice is due and when it must be paid. Any invoice that is overdue for 10 days and not paid will result in an account suspension until account balance has been paid in full.

In the event payment is made after services have been suspended, while service should automatically resume, it is recommended that you advise us of having made payment to ensure all services are resumed properly.

Invoices that have been paid more than once with multiple Paypal Subscriptions can only be added as credit towards the account and cannot be refunded via Paypal. If you require assistance with this provision, please contact support@webtradepro.com

Web Trade Pro reserves the right to change the monthly payment amount and any other charges at any time.

Backups and Data Loss

Your use of the service is at your sole risk. Web Trade Pro is not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on Web Trade Pro servers.

Backups will however be done on a daily basis and every effort will be made to restore your web hosting account to its original state at the time of the last backup in the case that something goes wrong. Each daily backup will be stored for up to 7 days before being removed.

Cancellations and Refunds

Web Trade Pro reserves the right to cancel the account at any time with or without notice.

Any abuse of our staff in any medium or format will result in the suspension or termination of your services.

Customers may cancel at any time; however 1 months' notice must be given. No refunds will be given for a general cancellation. This includes moving to a new host to meet new requirements and cancellation as services are no longer needed. Refunds will be given to compensate for problems that cannot be resolved that are at the fault of Web Trade Pro. Reimbursements will also be given for downtime that exceeds 1 day.

Violations of the Terms of Service will forfeit the refund policy.

Bandwidth Usage

You are allocated a monthly bandwidth allowance. This allowance varies depending on the hosting package you purchase. Should your account pass the allocated amount we reserve the right to suspend the account until the start of the next allocation, suspend the account until more bandwidth is purchased at an additional fee, suspend the account until you upgrade to a higher level of package, terminate the account and/or charge you an additional fee for the unallocated usage. Unused bandwidth in one month cannot be carried over to the next month.

Uptime Guarantee

Web Trade Pro guarantees to be up and running 99.9% of the time. If your account has a physical downtime that lasts for longer than 1 day you may receive one month of credit on your account. Approval of the credit is at the discretion of Web Trade Pro dependent upon justification provided. Third party monitoring service reports may not be used for justification due to a variety of factors including the monitor's network capacity/transit availability. Downtime as a result of account suspension is not a justified reason for a credit. Expected downtime will be reported in our support forums. Credits can still be approved even if the downtime is expected and reported in our support forums.

Price Change

The amount you pay for hosting will never increase from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to change prices listed on www.webtradepro.com, and the right to increase the amount of resources given to plans at any time.


Our free WHMCS offer only applies to reseller customers paying monthly.

Disclosure to law enforcement

Web Trade Pro may disclose any subscriber information to law enforcement agencies without further consent or notification to the subscriber upon lawful request from such agencies.

We will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies.

Changes to the Terms Of Service

Web Trade Pro reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

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  • James

    Thanks Web Trade Pro, awesome!
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    Always up, fantastic
  • Adam

    Been hosting with Web Trade Pro for 2 years now, never a bad word to say, 5 stars
  • Ben

    Great service and great prices
  • Atom Scientific

    Web Trade Pro has hosted our websites for nearly 6 years now. Great Service
  • Paula Jennings

    Ive had my website with web trade pro for 6 months and so far it's been great
  • James

    Thanks Web Trade Pro, awesome!
  • COD5Zombies

    Always up, fantastic
  • Adam

    Been hosting with Web Trade Pro for 2 years now, never a bad word to say, 5 stars
  • Ben

    Great service and great prices
  • Atom Scientific

    Web Trade Pro has hosted our websites for nearly 6 years now. Great Service
  • Paula Jennings

    Ive had my website with web trade pro for 6 months and so far it's been great
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